This Dogecoin Scam Making Rounds on Twitter

This Dogecoin Scam Making Rounds on Twitter
(mohamed_hassan/pixabay via Valuewalk)

The official Twitter account of Dogecoin announced on Saturday that it had been exposed to a new scam and warned followers about the scheme to steal their funds.

The official account requested people avoid communication that pretends to be a technology support account or team from Dogecoin.

They mentioned that no such Dogecoin support Twitter account exists except @Dogecoin.

It also mentioned that the Dogecoin account would never ask people to share personal account details.

According to reports, the scammers are contacting Dogecoin followers on Twitter and asking them to set up suspicious crypto wallets to steal money from them.

Last month, the Dogecoin community issued a stern warning against following any third-party crypto projects which claimed to be from the Dogecoin affiliate.

By Bibhu Pattnaik
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