It's Known as 'The Great Migration': Magic of Serengeti in Time-Lapse Video

Tara MacIsaac

Like grains of sand being sifted through an hourglass or blown by the wind, the migrating wildebeest seem pushed by the forces of nature rather their own volition in this striking time-lapse video by Will Burrard-Lucas. 

It's like every individual animal is simply a molecule in a viscous substance pouring over the plains of Africa. 

Burrard-Lucas went to the Serengeti and the Masai Mara in Africa to capture the beauty of what's known as "the great migration" of the wildebeest. 

His video, "Migration," shows this phenomenon at a fast-pace and from a distance, but it also zooms in and slows down at points to show us the details of this harrowing journey, to show us that each animal experiences the hardships of traversing rough terrain full of predators. 

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