How to Get a Free Burger at Wendy’s Every Day in September

Want a free Wendy’s burger every day? In September, people can install the Wendy’s app, order another item, and get one free sandwich per day with their meal.

Wendy’s tweeted on Sept. 8, “We’re giving you a free Dave’s Single with purchase every single day for the rest of September on our app. Download now for that free good good.”

People responded to the tweet with many funny questions, as well as to clarify the details and show their gratitude.

Wendy’s replied with the usual hilarious commentary that social media users have come to expect.

To get the free burger, customers need to first install the Wendy’s mobile app, then put the Dave’s Single burger and any other item in their cart---even if it’s just a small fry. The app will display the digital coupon code on their phone.

The deal is good once a day for every day in the month of September, but users may need to refresh the app occasionally. People will also see an error message if the Dave’s Single isn’t in the cart when they try to use the coupon code. Most Wendy’s restaurants are expected to participate in the program.

This special deal only works with the installed app.

App users can also add their zip code to see what mobile features or specials are available in their area. In addition, the app allows users to customize the food of their choice, such as removing or adding toppings.

Don’t forget---you can also celebrate National Cheeseburger Day on Sept. 18 by ordering your free burger at Wendy’s!

Dave Thomas is the owner of the Wendy’s restaurant, and he named it after his daughter Melinda who referred herself as “Wendy.” Her pigtailed image is used as the company’s logo.