Hackers Take Fight Against ISIS to the Darknet

TorReaper, one of the only hackers who can attack Darknet websites, explains how he fights ISIS on the Internet beneath the Internet.
Hackers Take Fight Against ISIS to the Darknet
A hooded figure wears a Guy Fawkes mask in an image used by TorReaper, a member of the GhostSec anti-terrorism hacker group. GhostSec and the hacker collective Anonymous are fighting the online presence of ISIS. (GhostSec)
Joshua Philipp

On the other side, ISIS is growing its presence on the Darknet—and this could also spell trouble. A stable Darknet site could have given ISIS what it currently lacks: a resilient and secure website they can use to recruit members and promote their operations.

Yet, TorReaper said he’s not letting up. He said he developed a special system to launch the cyberattacks, and “I can just leave it running as long as I want.” He adds, “once I held down the ISIS movie release site by myself for 90 hours from my cell phone.”

Joshua Philipp is senior investigative reporter and host of “Crossroads” at The Epoch Times. As an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker, his works include "The Real Story of January 6" (2022), "The Final War: The 100 Year Plot to Defeat America" (2022), and "Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus" (2020).
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