Hackers Launch Large-Scale Operation to Tease ISIS

The Internet may soon be awash with images of ISIS fighters wearing dresses, marching as armies of rubber ducks.
Hackers Launch Large-Scale Operation to Tease ISIS
A photoshopped image shows ISIS terrorists wearing skirts and holding flowers. Several hacker groups are joining a campaign to make fun of ISIS. (@cusois)
Joshua Philipp

The Department of Defense was authorized on Nov. 25 to begin countering ISIS propaganda online. The importance of such operations was outlined by General Joseph L. Votel, commander of Special Operations Command, on March 18.

Votel said that countering ISIS propaganda online could counter terrorist recruitment and reduce “the flow of foreign fighters.”

He also said that while the Department of Defense could play a complementary role in such operations, it would need a civilian lead.

“Islamic State uses social media as a megahorn to spread their hatred and fear. They also use social media to make themselves appear larger than they really are,” WauchulaGhost said.

“Our plan is to lower these standards if you will,” he said. “We will not only ‘Poke Fun’ but will make them look like the Daesh they are.”

Joshua Philipp is senior investigative reporter and host of “Crossroads” at The Epoch Times. As an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker, his works include "The Real Story of January 6" (2022), "The Final War: The 100 Year Plot to Defeat America" (2022), and "Tracking Down the Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus" (2020).
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