Falun Gong Practitioner Encourages People To Quit CCP (Part 2)

Falun Gong Practitioner Encourages People To Quit CCP (Part 2)

My name is Liu Mei, and I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I was born in the 70's in Central China's Henan Province and obtained a master's degree from a reputable university in Beijing.

I am now living abroad. In the beginning of 2005, I saw the Epoch Times editorial series Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, and learned about the mass withdrawal movement—Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Communist Youth League, and Young Pioneers—that arose from the Nine Commentaries. The following are further experiences I have had in helping people understand the necessity to quit the CCP.

Head of a College Department and Her Husband Renounce the CCP and Its Related Organizations

At one time, the research director of the college where I had worked came to Beijing for an exhibition. When I was working at the college, this director was my immediate supervisor and she had always looked after me. She is now head of the department. We have not been in touch for years, so I planned to visit her at her hotel.

We were very happy to see each other again. We naturally talked about our lives during the interceding years. She told me her son, who was in high school back then, is now studying for his Master's degree in England. Yet in comparison, I had started studying for a master degree at that time, but as of our visit I had not obtained my degree.

She said with a sigh that it has indeed been an eight year struggle. That is right, I was suspended from school because I practiced Falun Gong and subsequently I was put in prison. She told me that she had carefully kept the materials about the truth of Falun Gong that I sent her before I was imprisoned. She also mentioned that after me, she had taught other students who were practicing Falun Gong too.

I started to tell her about the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, when she said with emotion that it was indeed the truth because she had been through the days of the Cultural Revolution, and had experienced working on farms. She was only a teenager then. She even sat on the roof in the moon light singing revolutionary songs out loud.

She also told me about the "Three Years' Famine," she went through. She had been to Nanyang in Henan Province where she saw a small shop on the roadside and from a distance she saw a black cloth used to cover the basket of buns and wondered why. When she walked over to take a closer look she found out that it was actually a white piece of cloth with a thick layer of flies on it. She still had a creepy feeling every time she thought of it.

As it turned out, too many people died from hunger and the decomposed corpses polluted the drinking water. Because the water was filthy, no matter how they washed the clothes, the stench could be not removed, so it attracted many flies. She knew this was a man made calamity caused by the CCP.

I further told her that heaven will eliminate the CCP, one can save only oneself by quitting the CCP. I also told her about the "mark of the beast " in the Bible, and "The Giant Stone in Guizhou Province with Hidden Chinese Characters" and ancient prophecies passed down from China and other countries. She held my hands tightly and said she knew I meant well, she wanted to quit the CCP, and also said her husband wanted to quit the CCP too. I told her one must personally agree to quit and she said her husband had wanted to quit a long time ago.

I asked if her son was a member of the CCP, she said no, because her son was a Christian since childhood, so he did not join the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

I was truly happy for her and her family. Although she has been taught to be an atheist all her life and was also a member of the CCP for several decades, she has not lost her belief in God and Buddha. It is indeed a blessing that this good family is able to formally depart from the evil CCP.

President of an Electronic Products Company Renounces the CCP and Its Related Organizations

A friend of my uncle Mr. Wang is the president of an electronics products company with branch offices overseas. Because I needed his help to go abroad, I met him at a coffee shop. Wang's brothers and sisters all reside abroad because of the Tienanmen Square Massacre in 1989. He himself did not leave the country but under that kind of circumstances, he chose to be in business. However he sent his daughter to study abroad.

As I talked about my experience in practicing Falun Gong, Wang sighed with emotion and said that, the CCP is leading the Chinese people purely in the path of economic development, and numbed the souls and minds of the Chinese people. Therefore, young people are only concerned about pursuing material satisfactions. Young people practicing Falun Gong with ideals and dreams are very rare.

I told him Falun Gong teaches one to do good deeds; it is a form of cultivation and has no interest in politics. I asked him if he knew the truth of the staged "self-immolation" incident on Tiananmen Square, if he knew about the inhuman live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners.

He said he had read a little about them, because he often receives information about the persecution of Falun Gong from overseas on his company's fax machine. Every time, he kept these materials in an appropriate place.

Mr Wang fully agrees with the Nine Commentaries on the CCP, so when I told him to quit the CCP as soon as possible, leave the evil organization, stay away with calamity, he agreed very quickly.

My Uncle, a Party Cadre Chooses to Quit

My uncle is a county level party cadre. I visited him during the Chinese New Year, and stayed in his home for two nights. After reading the Nine Commentaries he said that the Nine Commentaries does not expose the CCP thoroughly enough. The dictatorship, corruption, and evilness of the CCP are even worse than what is exposed by the Nine Commentaries.

My uncle said that he and his friends had already lost their faith in the CCP. They all believed that the CCP's governance would end in ten years after the Tiananmen Massacre had just happened in 1989, but so many years (18 years) have passed. The CCP's iron fisted control of the Chinese people is too tight and too brutal.

He believes that because the CCP controls the army, and its organization is very rigorous and complete, its control of Chinese people is very detailed, and it is very inhuman and has never hesitated to use extreme violence, so the current situation may still be maintained for some time.

Even though it is hardly a difficult thing to help my uncle quit the CCP, initially, he felt a little bit ashamed to let me, a younger generation, help him announce his withdrawal on the Epoch Times website, but soon he changed his mind.

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