Dissident Protests ‘Animal-Like’ Treatment of Chinese Citizens


Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Zhang Zhan, a female dissident living in Shanghai, put herself in harm’s way to go to Wuhan after the city was locked down. Her plan was to investigate and broadcast the local situation as a citizen journalist. She is outraged that the Chinese government casually deprives the basic rights and freedom of Wuhan residents in the name of epidemic control. - Woman: Let me ask you, Do you think the government can treat citizens like animals? Lock them when the regime is willing to, Send them out to work when they need these people to work. Aren’t you treating them like you treat cattle and horses? When animals need to graze you let them out And take them back when they are done eating. Is that for real? And if they do not obey, whip them. Is that how it should be? Is it justified to treat civilians like this?

Man: What are you doing?

Woman: I want to express my protest against the government, persistent protest.