Deep Dive (April 8): Sen. Ted Cruz Hits Back at Voting Reform Bill, Calls It ‘Corrupt Politicians Act’

Tiffany Meier

Big Tech is in the hot seat as the Federal Trade Commission and a number of states are cracking down. They’re taking new action this week to reign in the power of social media companies. Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced a probe into Big Tech companies. Five tech giants are being targeted: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. He’s trying to find out whether they restrict access to conservative viewpoints.

Voting issues are back in the spotlight. Major League Baseball is facing off against Georgia’s voting reform laws. The massive 800-page voting reform bill H.R. 1 (For the People Act) is also still sparking controversy. Democrats tout it as “pro-democratic” and “anti-corruption” and have dubbed it “For the People Act.” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy countered by calling it “For the Politicians Act.”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz calls the bill a “Corrupt Politicians Act” and vows to stop it. He said: “This bill is not designed in any way to shape reform to reduce voter fraud. In fact, it is designed explicitly to increase voter fraud. It’s also not designed to increase participation in any manner consistent with the law. What it is designed to do is to take away your right to vote.” Two leaders in South Carolina are also speaking out against it.

And how do Americans feel about requiring photo ID to vote? A recent survey seeks to find those answers.

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