Chris Cuomo’s Personal Physician: There Are More Adverse Events From COVID-19 Vaccines Than Recent Study Reported

Chris Cuomo’s Personal Physician: There Are More Adverse Events From COVID-19 Vaccines Than Recent Study Reported
CNN correspondent Chris Cuomo during on air report in front of the Time Warner Building, where NYPD personnel removed an explosive device, in New York on Oct. 24, 2018. (Kevin Hagen/AP Photo)
Matt McGregor
A personal physician of News Nation anchor Chris Cuomo admits she’s seeing more COVID-19 vaccine injuries than what has been reported in a recent multinational study reporting higher-than-expected numbers of adverse events.
“There’s tens of millions of people out there that are screaming from the rooftops saying that after they had the vaccine, they have suffered, just, you know, basic symptoms, or not that basic, but not as severe as this but symptoms that have impaired their activities of daily living,” Dr. Robin Rose with Terrain Health in Ridgefield, Connecticut, told Mr. Cuomo on News Nation. “They can’t live the way they used to on a daily basis, and those are things including chest heaviness, persistent headaches every day, brain fog, post-exertional malaise, neuropathy, weakness, new onset cardigan arrhythmia, structural heart damage, autoimmune conditions—all these different things.”
She could go on, she said, naming “a hundred other things,” and asked why the study only looked at symptoms that—though “serious and life-threatening,” are “super rare.”
The February 2024 multinational study reported more than expected incidents of cardiovascular, neurological, and hematologic complications in over 99 million people who took the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines.
“The background of the study is they looked at these 99 million people across these eight countries and identified these very significant problems that were neurologic, cardiac, or hematologic issues, but these are problems that with any therapeutic or vaccine that is coming out, you wouldn’t want to see these issues, or you wouldn’t expect to see these issues,” she said. “And if you did, you would want to see them at a low rate.”
In the “expected vs. observed,” she said, the safety signals were “two to three times higher.”
On explaining “expected vs. observed,” she said when a therapeutic or vaccine is rolled out, side effects are expected; however, in the data collected for the study, there were more side effects than what had been foreseen.
Also, when the vaccine was being marketed to the public, the known side effects were downplayed, she said.
“The issue is, in our society, and in health care in general, we always do care about the few or the rare things that happen,” she said. “So, we only cancer screen everyone that’s 45 years and older in the hundreds of thousands, or millions of people that need to get screened because we’re worried about the 32 out of every 100,000 people that it gets per year, right? It’s the same thing with women and cervical cancer. Seven-point-seven females out of every 100,000 per year get cervical cancer. These are rarer, fewer events that occur, but we care about that. We don’t downplay them and we screen these people and try to prevent it from happening.”
If the study had such a wide range of people to question about their reactions to the vaccine, why weren’t they asked about what she and other clinicians are seeing, she asked. 

Long Covid: ‘A Mixed Bag’

In response to Mr. Cuomo’s question about whether those who get vaccinated are less likely to get long-term COVID-19, Dr. Rose said “It’s a mixed bag.”
“We need a lot more data on that, but it seems that many patients that had long Covid that got vaccinated actually got worse instead of better in my experience and a lot of my colleagues’ experience that are taking care of these patients across the country,” she said. “So, I think that really has to be looked at a little closer.”

‘Make America Sick Again’

Throughout 2021, Mr. Cuomo was among the news anchors who chastised those who chose to not take the experimental vaccine.
“We have three realities that need to sink in,” he told his CNN audience. “One, you got to get vaccinated. If you don’t get vaccinated, there’s almost no chance this Delta variant will be four to eight weeks as they’re suggesting right now. It will be a battle that is much longer and begins with variant vagaries.” 
He then went on to dispute those who were questioning the mask mandates and advocated for children to wear masks in schools.
“How long are you going to let the unvaccinated hold you hostage because of this nonsense,” he asked. “We now know only a quarter of those refusing to get vaccinated are wearing their masks as much as they used to just when they need to do it the most. And about half never wore it. Makes you wonder, is the new Trump motto, ‘Make America Sick Again?’”
He went on to say that people like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, “know what they’re doing,” and blamed “white Republicans,” whom he said are the “biggest chunk of the unvaccinated.”
“They only have it half right,” Mr. Cuomo said. “This is the land of the free. Freedom is the signature trait, but we are free—why?—because this is the home of the brave, and there is no valor in being unvaccinated, and exposing loved ones, especially kids, and holding a majority of this country hostage.”
Naveen Athrappully contributed to this report.