Cass McCombs Plays At Music Hall Of Williamsburg

Cass McCombs Plays At Music Hall Of Williamsburg
Cass McCombs and his band performed in Williamsburg Thursday. Photo Credit: Bianca Silva
Bianca Silva

Cass McCombs performed to a rather relaxed audience at Music Hall Of Williamsburg in Brooklyn Thursday night. He set the atmosphere of relaxation by kicking off with "Big Wheel" from his last record Big Wheel and Others. 

McCombs remained cool and collected during his hour and 45 minute set, cursing through tracks like "Aeon of Aquarius Blues," "I Went To The Hospital," "That's That," and "Brighter!" At times, his demeanor resembled somewhat of the late singer Elliott Smith, whom also had the tendency to perform quite calm on stage. 

His backing band proved to be versatile by including a saxophone, a synthesizer and another set of drums. After the band breifly walked off the stage, they came back to perform "County Line" and "Love Thine Enemy" as the encore songs.

New York Based Endless Boogie opened up the night by performing two tracks that were over 15 minutes long. While little singing occurred, there were a hell of a lot of old school rock and roll guitar jams.

Cass McCombs will finish off his current tour by playing in Washington D.C. tonight at Black Cat D.C.  

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