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Arizona Constructs Border Wall Out of Shipping Containers and Razor Wire; Actress Anne Heche Dies | NTD Good Morning

Arizona is taking matters into its own hands—constructing a border wall out of double-stacked shipping containers and razor wire.

Movie star Anne Heche’s story comes to a close, after her severe crash over a week ago. The actress has been taken off life support, following a compatible match for the organ donor.

Former President Donald Trump says boxes of privileged records were taken by FBI agents during the raid on his home. He’s asking that they be returned immediately.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Arizona Constructs Border Wall Out of Shipping Containers
2. Elon Musk on Border Crisis
3. Trump Demands Privileged Records Taken in FBI Raid Returned
4. NJ Rally Against New School Sex Ed. Mandate
5. Actress Anne Heche Taken Off Life Support
6. Salman Rushdie Condition Improving Off Ventilator
7. Idaho Initiates Near-Total Abortion Ban
8. US Lawmakers Arrive in Taiwan Amid China Tensions
9. Manhattan Rent Prices Won’t Cool Unless Recession Hits
10. Cruise Line Allows Unvaccinated Travelers Starting September
11. Flash Flood Kills Seven in China’s Sichuan Province
12. Arizona Man Rescued From Floodwaters
13. Egypt Church Fire Kills at Least 41
14. Rhine River Water Levels Falling
15. Britons Give Up Their Pets As Living Costs Soar
16. Gang Boss Turns Into Minister

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