Ariana Grande on Harry Styles Dating Rumors: Singer Says One Direction Member ‘Just a Friend’

Ariana Grande says that she and One Direction member Harry Styles aren’t dating.

Rumors about Grande dating Styles, or dating other men such as Big Sean, have been circulating recently.

Nova FM’s Kent Small asked the 21-year-old whether she got nervous around the star, the singer said that he’s “just a nice friend.”

Styles wrote a love song for her upcoming album. The song is titled A Little Bit of Your Heart, prompting rumors of the pair being together.

The new album will be released on August 25.

The track revolves around the topic of loving someone to such an extent that you can share them with other people because “a little bit of their love is enough,” according to the Daily Mail.

Grande spoke to Small about the collaboration, admitting that she thinks the sentiment that the song expresses is “absolute [expletive].”

She even laughed when Small asked about being nervous around the 20-year-old Styles, saying “No! No, definitely not, he’s a very, very sweet boy.”

Grande is planning a trip to Australia to promote the new album next month. The album is titled My Everything and also features the songs Problem and Break Free.

Grande has not confirmed relationships with anyone recently. She’s also been rumored to be back with Jai Brooks.

She told Dolly magazine earlier this year that her ideal celebrity date would be Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Jonah Hill, or Seth Rogen.

“I love boys who can make fools of themselves and don’t take themselves too seriously,” she said.

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