Argentina Hailstorm Dumps 5 Feet of Hail in Minutes

October 30, 2017 Updated: October 30, 2017

A strong storm reportedly dumped up to five feet of hail just in the span of minutes last Thursday in Argentina. Photos released by the World Meteorological Organization depict the freak weather incident. 

Argentina officials said a fierce hailstorm hit the towns on Oct. 26 in the central Argentinian province of Cordoba, leaving roads closed in the area and vehicles unable to move, the Independent reported.

Incredible photos and video footage of the scene emerged, with some of them showing firefighters trying to free cars stuck in the sludge of hail, debris, and water.

According to the Weather Channel, the hail was as large as tennis balls and damaged homes and cars. Officials said it took just 15 minutes for the hail to accumulate to five feet.

There were some reports of injuries due to the storm, according to the Independent. In one case, a woman had to be rescued and treated for hypothermia after becoming stuck while riding her motorcycle.

In another case, fire fighters took almost two hours to free a car and van trapped in the hail.

Fire Chief Martin Bustos said meteorologists did issue alerts before the storm hit the area, but they were caught off guard by the large amount of hail that was dumped, the Independent reported.