Apple iOS and Mac OS X Get Next’d: But What’s the Big Secret?

June 10, 2013 Updated: April 24, 2016

Later on today Apple’s Tim Cook will unveil the highly anticipated latest upgrades on iOS and Mac OS X. Some experts think Apple may unleash some gargantuan news amid a lot of apparent secrecy.  

Apple iOS 7 logoScheduled to be announced at the annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), the latest Apple changes are reportedly the most significant ones to add to iPhone and iPad functionality ever. Later on today CEO Tim Cook will draw the curtain back at the Moscone West Center in San Francisco and give a window into what the coming iPhone and iPad hardware will run on, and perhaps more. Judging by the super (relatively) secretive tone of this event so far, and the minimalist departure in logos (like the iOS 7 at left), this event may have some surprises in store. 

Also in the rumor mill, Bloomberg reports Apple will offer some type of iPhone “trade-in” deal would seem significant where cutting edge operating systems go. The logic there being, if the current iPhone becomes so antiquated, users might feel jilted should there be no “credit” for brand loyalty. Still, these are only typical Apple rumors that are, in some ways, just a means of generating buzz. This time though, Apple’s strategies seem a bit different. There’s only a very few “leaks” of any sort as to what’s going to be presented to developers this go round. Still, if Jonathan Ive’s iOS 7 is all it “could be” cracked up to be, just its announcement may be significant enough. 

Other rumors flying about the newsroom water coolers today include;  iRadio, iOS 7 probably stuff, and the death of so-called skeumorphism, these and other expected “big ticket news” ma y or may not come to pass. The whole point here being, most experts think Apple is about to make a huge announcement. 

Just what could be that end-all, heart stopping revelation? Only Cook and his team know for sure. Finally, while CBS and other media outlets continually state Android and iOS competitive figures such as downloads and market share, the clear all time winner in revenue share in mobile is Apple. While numbers of apps downloaded bears scrutiny, the monetization behind those apps is what’s crucial for business. And, these Apple events are crucial marketing and PR snares for grabbing still more revenue.

This go around, the buzz in the air feels a bit more substantial, we’ll see later on today. For readers interested in more news and announcements from this conference, Apple will broadcast daily session updates here.