Animal Control Launches Search After Stray Dogs Kill Woman in California

January 1, 2018 Updated: January 2, 2018

Stray dogs killed a California woman in her driveway, prompting authorities to launch a search over the weekend.

Deborah Onsurez, 56, was found unresponsive with severe injuries in the driveway of a home in Modesto, California, during the morning of Dec. 28.

Emergency responders soon declared her dead.

Detectives determined during an investigation that multiple dogs—strays—had killed her, reported KCRA3.

Deputies and animal control officers scoured the area but found no dogs, reported The Modesto Bee.

The results from a planned new search on Dec. 30 have not been announced.

The breeds of the stray dogs responsible for the death have not been ascertained, according to Fox40.

Neil Tillak, who owns a business nearby, was shocked to hear the news of the death.

“I’ve never heard anything about anyone getting attacked, not even dog on dog fighting, or anything,” he said. “That’s sad and that’s scary really because there’s kids around here too. Imagine if one of those dogs get a hold of someone like that.”

The home where the death occurred is on Crows Landing Road near the intersection of South Seventh Street.

Anyone in the area who spots stray dogs, particularly ones acting aggressive, are urged to stay away and call the Stanislaus County Animal Services at 209-558-7387. Dogs identified in such deaths are typically euthanized.

Despite the breeds of the dogs being uncertain, some people commenting on the Sheriff’s Department Facebook post regarding the incident said they believed it was pit bulls responsible for the woman’s death.

“I think they are super cute,” said Bethany Davis, “but so many evil people use them for dog fighting or guard dogs for their meth houses that when they let them go or leave them, our county is left with tons of aggressive pits wondering around.”

Others argued against that assumption, though. “Not all pits do this,” said AJeyna Dauber. “It’s how you raise them.”


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