Angel Di Maria Moves to Manchester United

November 7, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Some of the latest news out of the Manchester United camp involves the transfer of Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid to the popular English team. How do fans and sports experts feel about the transfer and what Angel Di Maria will bring to the table? Continue reading to learn more.

A New Record for Man U Transfers

Manchester United has officially broken the British transfer record, and the Man U camp is eagerly anticipating having Angel Di Maria on their side at last. After all, they have been pushing for this transfer to go through as quickly as possible up to this point.

Reports stated that the deal would cost Manchester United £60 million, plus an additional £12 million for potential add-ons. Other sources claimed the deal will cost £64 million. But the news as of August 26th states that the transfer would be going through at £59.7million. No matter what, this transfer would be the most expensive one yet for the club, far exceeding the £37.5 million that was paid to acquire Juan Mata from Chelsea.

A Welcome Addition to the Team

Fans and managers alike are very much looking forward to the addition of Angel Di Maria to the Manchester United squad, especially because this past summer has not really been time well spent when it came to overhauling the team and strengthening it by using transfers of all-star players from other teams and other countries. Transfer news has been slowly coming from the team, with some big name transfers in July, but this is definitely big news that will hopefully serve to revitalise and add energy to the entire team.

Differing Opinions

Despite the many people who are excited to see Angel Di Maria join Manchester United as a midfielder, there are some differing opinions. Supporters of the transfer feel that the move is a good one because Angel Di Maria is a team player with immense talent who will help lead his team to more victories. But others disagree with these sentiments and feel that the trade, which secures the player on the team for the next five years, may have actually been a mistake.

Critics feel that, because Angel Di Maria is such a strong player, Louis van Gall, Manchester United’s coach, will definitely want to have him in just about every game. But with the coach’s preferred formation being 3-5-2, there are concerns that other valuable and skilful players, such as Herrera, Fellaini, and Kagawa, will be moved around or taken out of the formation altogether. Considering the strong players that are already on the field taking up every position possible, critics find it difficult to figure out exactly how Angel Di Maria will fit into the equation, despite how powerful of a football player he really is.

How Angel Di Maria Feels

After signing on to join Manchester United, Angel Di Maria has stated that he could not be happier with his decision. He has stated that many teams were interested in signing him but that Man U is really the only team worthy enough for him to leave Real Madrid behind. He is excited to get started and to get on the field with his teammates to win some matches soon.

Plus, Di Maria is also excited to work with Louis van Gaal. He feels that the coach is someone he can admire, and he also likes the fact that everyone related to the team, from upper management all the way down to the players themselves, is enthusiastic and ready for action and improvement this season.

As we keep a close eye on Man Utd news, we will see if the decision to acquire Angel Di Maria was, in fact, a good choice, especially considering how much money was spent on the player. Reviewing the high level of success he has had playing for other teams over the years, though, most people are happy to see that Manchester United has taken a step in the right direction in an effort to breathe new life into the team and see these players work hard together to succeed greatness in the English Premier League.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Man U and its many dynamic players.