Android Battery Saver: 5 Free Apps to Fight Battery Drain, Prolong Life

Smartphones are great and are improving every year, but one problem that still bugs users is battery life.

Although battery life varies somewhat across the different Android phone models in the market, the one constant among them is the operating system, namely, Google Android.

Even though Google claims after every iteration and each patch of Android that its software is going to help users save battery, there are always reports that the OS is responsible for increased battery drain, irregardless of Android phone manufacturer.

On top of that, smartphones are becoming more and more essential, and that the average user is requires more and more battery juice just to get by in a day.

Of course, savvy users will turn off apps that are not in use or a phone’s connectivity functions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, etc.), but users can’t always stay on top of everything all the time, especially on a busy work schedule or life event.

Good thing the different app developers have come up with battery saving apps.

Check out these five free battery saver apps.

Lean Droid

Created by XDA developers, this lightweight application helps to disable a phone’s wireless connections after a certain period of time to better conserve power and lower data usage to boot.

Size: 156KB

Battery Doctor

This battery saver by Cheetah Mobile Inc helps to kill apps when the screen is turned off, checks out the phone’s battery temperature, and has a unique three-stage charging system that helps users get the most out of their battery.

Size: 4.7MB

Du Battery Saver

This battery saver by DU Apps Studio has a variety of battery saving pre-set modes and one-click optimization.

Size: Varies with device

Easy Battery Saver

As the name implies, this app by 2Easy Team have a very easy to use interface that will be a boon for the not-so-tech-savvy user.

Size: 1.9MB

Juice Defender

This app shines in the different Preset modes it has on offer, and offers plenty of similar features as most of the other battery saving apps.

Size: Varies with device