America’s Got Talent Season 9 Auditions: Videos of Auditions From Episode 1 and Episode 2

America’s Got Talent season 9 premiered last week to a big audience–12 million viewers. The first episode showed auditions from New York and Los Angeles and episode 2 on June 3 showed some other ones.

The videos of some of the auditions can be seen below. 

Mel B is back as one of the judges, and complimented a number of performers.

“I loved that family of 12, the Willis clan. I loved the fact that they were so quirky and cute and a little different. It wasn’t your classic song choice, for a start, and they put their own little twist on it, which I thought was really interesting,” she said in a piece for Parade.

“Those ‘pseudoscientists,’ David and Leeman, were witty and young. I like it when a classic magician act can be made to be funky, cool, and young. I’m all about that. Nobody really understood what Howie was saying, and I said to him when he came down to the panel, ’Could you really, seriously not read that? Did you not understand the words that were on there?’ And he said, ’Yeah, I understood each letter, but I didn’t understand what the words meant.’ I was like, ’That is crazy.’”

She also liked Julie Goodwin.

“She was so mature, composed, and musically on point. When you look at all the talent shows, you see we’ve got the best of everything. We’ve got our danger, we’ve got our silly, we’ve got our dancers, our singers—we have absolutely everything. It’s like all the best shows combined into one show—we’re a one-stop shop here, which I love!”

Goodwin, a high school student from Baldwinsville, New York, was among those to make it to the second round after singing “New York State of Mind.” Julie, 16 and a high school sophomore, won Michael Feinstein’s Great American Songbook Vocal Academy & Competition last July and has performed in New York City clubs with Feinstein and has upcoming concert dates in Pasadena, Calif., and at the M&T Jazz Fest in Syracuse, according to

Episode 1 included lots of talent as well, including young piano player Adrian Romoff, and comedian Dan Naturman.

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