Americans Adopted 7,000 Chinese Children Last Year

January 27, 2006 Updated: January 27, 2006

According to Mingpao News , American families adopted approximately 7,000 children from Mainland China last year. The USA continues to be the country that adopts the most Chinese-children.

In the past 10 years, families living in countries outside of China have adopted 50,000 to 60,000 Chinese children. Eighty percent of the families lived in the US. Some members of the adopting families were working in China, and some were interested in Chinese culture. Because of China's large population , there are many children available for adoption. Therefore, the success rate for those applying to adopt a child is fairly high. Another reason for the popularity of Chinese children is that the majority are in good health.

According to US-supplied statistics, there are about 90 agencies/organizations in the US managing the adoptions. One organization, called Living Hope International, is headquartered in Pennsylvania. Dr. Fang, president of the organization, said that prior to adoption, applicants are assessed for their income, health condition, family background, and criminal record in accordance with the US and Chinese government regulations. The company also arranges the adopters' travel to China.

Living Hope International helps 200 to 300 families to adopt children from Mainland China every year.

Recently, some US media reported two incidents in which adopted Chinese children were mistreated. More investigation should be taken to assess the suitability of the applicants, and in maintaining contact with the adoptive families to keep them under surveillance.