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America Has Become So Divided That Foreign Threats No Longer Unite the Nation

Wars are often fought by patriots, or by people so dedicated to a cause that they’re willing to kill or die for it. This actually has strategic value for governments, and some use it to their advantage. The threats of war and the drums of the war hawks are often rallying calls that unify a nation behind a patriotic idea. Sometimes the mere talk of a war and shows to prepare are enough to unite the people behind a common patriotic cause. And it appears now that the threats of war, and the rising tides of enemy nations, no longer unite Americans. What does this mean for the country? And what will the deeper implications be? We’ll discuss.

Also, America’s political parties are undergoing major changes. The Republican and Democrat parties are no longer the parties they used to be. Will they be able to weather these shifts, or will we be likely to see new parties arise?

And in other news, the Chinese regime is pushing a global campaign to get other nations to join its “de-dollarization” movement. We speak with Epoch Times contributor Alex Newman about what this means for the United States.

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