Alleged Smuggler Cuts Barbed Wire at US-Mexico Border in Arizona

November 15, 2018 Updated: November 16, 2018

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in Arizona released a video on Nov. 14 that shows an alleged smuggler cutting down barbed wire shortly after it was installed by CBP agents at Yuma.

The video captures a man in a yellow shirt, hanging on the edge of the river trying to cut the barbed wire from the fence.

Officials wanted to release this video to show that there were people ready to cut down the coils of barbed wire the moment they had put it up, azcentral reported.

Agent Justin Kallinger said that the border patrol agents and the Arizona National Guard worked together to install the barbed wire. But it didn’t take long for the smugglers to catch on.

Kallinger said that it took “maybe one day before they started cutting it down.”

When Border Patrol agents were called into the area. The man in the yellow shirt had fled back to Mexico.

According to KOLD13, cameras were set up to record any other activity and a hole appeared with several migrants passing through and giving themselves up to border patrol agents.

Customs Border Patrol agents said they had filled the hole, but they never ended up catching the man in the yellow shirt on camera.

The video was taken near the Sanchez canal, west of the San Luis port of entry.

San Luis is a common area for Central American migrants to enter the United States to seek asylum.

A CBP representative also said Border Patrol agents apprehended 654 migrants in the Yuma Sector on Nov. 12 and 13, and tweeted a video of the incident.

The record set for the largest number of migrants apprehended in a month since 2013 was in October 2018 at a whopping 2,625 migrants.

“Just as quickly as #CBP #Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents put up new structural deterrents,” CBP Arizona tweeted, “the smugglers cut it down.” The video was filmed on Nov. 7 next to the Sanchez canal, west of the San Luis port of entry, according to the Arizona Republic.

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