Alien Figure Spotted on Moon via NASA Imaging? (+Video)

Google Moon's shadowy figure raises speculation
August 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015


Is this shadowy figure on the surface of the moon an image of an extraterrestrial as some believe?

A YouTube user first spotted the figure on Google Moon, which uses millions of images taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbital Camera. Could it be a trick of light or a camera lens glitch? Tom Rose of the Examiner wrote: “But, if those explanations are ruled out, it still leaves the question of what this object is, since it appears to be rising a great distance from the surface of the moon.”

The Examiner drew a comparison between the object and a large statue in ancient Greece. 

In January, another object was spotted on the moon that was thought to look like a spacecraft. It was L-shaped with what appeared to be seven lights dotting its edge.

Epoch Times Photo
What appears to be an alien spacecraft on the moon at coordinates 22042’38.46N and 142034’44.52E, spotted in January 2014. (Google Moon)

This video showing January’s Google Moon sighting has had more than 2 million views on YouTube:

Buzz Aldrin recently confirmed he saw an unidentified flying object (UFO) on his Apollo mission to the moon, but he said it was probably not an alien spacecraft.

Aldrin also answered questions on Reddit last month saying there was “no sign of life whatsoever” on the moon.