Albino Alligator Gets Acupuncture: Also Helpful for Racehorses (+Video)

August 15, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

‘Bino,’ a six-year-old albino alligator, has been receiving acupuncture treatment for back problems at the São Paulo Aquarium in Brazil.

Daniela Cervatti, an aquarium veterinarian, told World Live News “His response was wonderful.” He had been experiencing a loss of feeling and his movement was restricted. After the treatment, she said, he regained sensitivity in his feet and was moving more. He ventured into the water, which he had done infrequently lately.

Bino was born in the aquarium. He suffers from scoliosis and kyphosis, according to Reuters.

Acupuncture treatment on animals is not unheard of.

Dr. Rachel Barrack in New York often treats racehorses. She treats all kinds of animals, according to her website, but has extensive experience with champion thoroughbred racehorses, as “Equine athletes often require a highly specialized level of medical care in order to reach peak performance.”