After Valentine’s Day Argument, Chinese Woman Discovers Husband Is a Wanted Criminal

February 16, 2016 Updated: February 17, 2016

Instead of enjoying a romantic moment together, a Chinese married couple got into a heated argument on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, over the husband’s laziness and unwillingness to do work. The dispute devolved to the point that the wife brought her husband to the police station to help mediate.

To the wife’s surprise and dismay, the police soon identified and arrested the man as a criminal wanted for running a gambling ring.

The couple had gone to their local police station in the city of Wuning, Jiangxi Province, the regional Jiangxi News reported. The woman complained that her husband, who had spent a long period of time away from home before coming back for the lunar new year, failed to bring much income back.

“Then he disappeared and didn’t return for two days, when he began arguing with them,” she said. “Can you [police] educate him not to fool around outside?”

At first, the police assumed that they were dealing with a typical domestic conflict, and tried to reconcile the couple while gathering their basic personal information.

When the police asked the man for his name, he gave them a fake one and began to act nervously. He abruptly urged his wife to go back home with him.

Seeing his odd behavior, the police searched for the man online and identified him as a 38-year-old surnamed Liu, whom they had been looking to apprehend for the gambling charge.

Liu’s wife stood in bewilderment as the police suddenly restrained her husband, who roared, “Why are you arresting me? This is a family matter, I’ll sue you!”

When the officers clarified the situation, Liu’s wife began to plead with them to release him.

“It’s Chinese New Year! Please let him off! We won’t argue again when we get home!”

Liu is in detention at the Wuning police station.