Adopted College Student Finds out Long-Lost Brother Attended Same School

December 19, 2017 Updated: December 19, 2017

A college student in Georgia made a heartwarming discovery—after finding out his long-lost biological brother had been attending the same school, with the exact same major.

Kieron Graham, 20 is majoring in political science at Kennesaw State University. He made the find after his adoptive parents gave him an AncestryDNA test kit as an early Christmas present, NBC affiliate WPXI reported.

His birth mom, Shawn Ghant, made the difficult decision to give up Graham for adoption when he was just 3 months old.

“At the time I felt like I could not give him what he needed,” Ghant told ABC affiliate WFAA.

Graham had always wondered about his birth family and last week, the test results came back.

“I realized my number one match was a guy name Vincent,” Graham told WFAA. “He ends up living 15 minutes away from me.”

Vincent Ghan, 29, is Graham’s older brother and after getting into contact, they decided to meet up.

“Y’all I just found my birth brother. I don’t know what to think. I’m about to go meet him. Turns out we go to the same college and have the same major,” Graham wrote in a Dec. 12 tweet.

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The two brothers had no idea they were living close to each other.

“We didn’t even know what to say at first,” Kieron said. “He was just kind of like is this real? You’re my brother.”

Graham learned that his brother was married and had a daughter, according to his Twitter.

Ghant said he still remembers taking care of his younger brother when he was months old.

“Feed him his bottles and change diapers,” Ghant told WFAA. “All of that ran through my head. All of that ran through my head immediately because that was my last memory of him.”

The brothers are now thankful they can finally make new memories together again. Their biological mom was also overjoyed to see them reunited.

“Although it’s been 20 years, there’s not one day you don’t think about him,” she told WFAA.

Graham also met Ghant’s 17-year-old brother, Christian, according to WPXI.

His adoptive parents have been fully supportive of his journey.

Graham now plans to meet with his father’s side of the family, and the brother on his side.


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