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Breast Milk, McDonald’s, & Garbage | A Little Sketchy

JP breaks down the news of the week. Chuck explains that he has NOT been buying breast milk online. An immortal McDonald’s burger joins the show. Rob tells us what can Get in the Garbage.

Canadian broadcaster NTD has joined forces with several of Canada’s best comedians to create “A Little Sketchy,” a 30-minute comedy show that blends satirical shots at world news with sketches, commercial spoofs, interviews, and a myriad of offbeat green screen pieces. The show is hosted by comedian Jean Paul, backed up by a talented cast of other Canadian comedy headliners Rob Pue, Shannon Laverty, and Chuck Byrn.

The cast, writers, and producers bring seven Gemini award wins and nominations, eight Canadian Screen Award wins and nominations, 17 Canadian Comedy Award wins and nominations, an International Emmy nomination, and a Rose D’Or award for excellence in comedy writing.

Joe Wang, President of NTD Canada and Executive Producer
Michael McLaughlin, Executive Producer and Head of Production
Dave Merry, Executive Producer, Writer, and Director

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