89-Year-Old Dog Lover Hand-Knitted 450 Coats and Blankets to Keep Shelter Pups Warm

March 16, 2019 Updated: March 20, 2019

Dogs Trust is a charity with a clear mission and a 127-year-long dedication to the cause. The charity’s headquarters are based in London, and the well-traveled among you will know that the United Kingdom doesn’t exactly enjoy a tropical climate. Eighty-nine-year-old dog lover Maisie Green had a very practical solution, however: she knitted a grand total of 450 coats and blankets for pups at her local Dogs Trust shelter in Basildon, Essex.

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The charity specializes in the well-being of dogs, and what better way to do that than to wrap the pups (both literally and figuratively!) in as much love as humanly possible. “Local dog lover Maisie Green … hand knits blankets and dog coats for Dogs Trust Basildon,” the charity shared on their Instagram page. They continued by honoring Green’s long-term commitment to keeping their dogs warm: as it turns out, she’s knitted for them for years.

Green spoke to Tin Canada and explained why she does what she does. “It keeps me busy,” she began, humbly, “and I often like to knit whilst I watch television.” Despite the knitting being something of a relaxing hobby for Green, she is evidently extremely dexterous. It only takes her three days to knit a blanket, and one day to make a dog’s woollen coat.

Thank you for donating blankets to your local centre 🐶💕 Our doggies really appreciate an extra snuggly bed at this time of year ❄️🛌

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Green gets a lot of satisfaction from helping the charity. “I’m delighted to be helping the four-legged residents of the center in some way,” she said.

Much of Dogs Trust’s work involves finding new homes for dogs that have been relinquished or abandoned, and some in dire circumstances. As such, the charity at large, and certainly the Basildon center that Green knits for, are very appreciative of their volunteers and the donations they receive. Dogs Trust themselves claim to have as many as 1,700 stray and homeless dogs (and puppies) under the care of their shelters at any given time.

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Blankets and sweaters are always welcomed. Some of the dogs that come through the doors of Dogs Trust shelters have never experienced a gesture of love. A blanket or coat, and certainly one of Green’s artisanal creations, goes a very long way.

Green is loved and appreciated by the Basildon Dogs Trust staff. Her visits are happily anticipated: Green donates lovingly handcrafted, knitted creations to the shelter three times a year, chaperoned by a helpful member of her own family. Basildon center staff posted a message of thanks to Green on their website for all to see: “With the chill of the Winter months really starting to creep up on us I know our dogs are very pleased to put the items to good use,” staff wrote.

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“We are so grateful for her support.”

Green supports the dogs in a wonderfully personal way from her very own home. The charity welcomes other volunteers and other contributions, too. Some volunteers are hands-on, spending one-to-one time with the dogs in order to help build trust and make the dogs more eligible for rehoming.

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It’s a team effort. And Green’s contribution is one invaluable cog in the tireless animal welfare machine. The world could do with a great many more Maisie Greens!