8 Quotes to Take You Beyond Science, Into the Mysteries of the Universe

August 13, 2015 Updated: August 17, 2015

Physicist Sir Roger Penrose on Consciousness as Fundamental to Science

“Consciousness is part of our universe, so any physical theory which makes no proper place for it falls … short of providing a genuine description of the world. I would maintain that there is yet no physical, biological, or computational theory that comes very close to explaining our consciousness …”

Physicist John Wheeler on Exploring the Strange

“In any field, find the strangest thing and then explore it.”

Jim Kwako, MD, on Life, Death, and Beyond …

“I’m quite sure that eventually, continuity of life will be as simple as the seasons … spring, summer, winter, fall … life, death, afterlife, and rebirth.”

Albert Einstein on Intuition

“Invention occurs as a constructive act … The really valuable factor is intuition.”

Physicist Alan Hugenot on Collective Consciousness

“I have consciousness, you have consciousness, we feel that we’re individuals. My consciousness doesn’t know everything and your consciousness doesn’t know everything. But if all those consciousnesses were little pieces of sand and all the sand got together at a great, big beach, how smart would that beach be?”

Psychiatrist Carl Jung on Intuition and Reason

“This term intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside the province of reason.”

J.B. Rhine, Father of Parapsychology, on ESP

“[Extrasensory perception] shows that there’s something that man can do that extends beyond space-time. That’s tremendous. That’s like discovering a new continent.”

Author Charles A. Lindbergh on the Miracle of Life

“In wilderness I sense the miracle of life, and behind it, our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia.”

*Image of “dreaming,” a rocky shore, and sand via Shutterstock