7-Week-Old Baby Snatched From Hospital Found Safe, Parents Arrested

October 2, 2019 Updated: October 2, 2019

A 7-week-old baby who was taken from a hospital in Pennsylvania was found in another state, police said.

Ambrose Klingensmith was at Children’s Hospital in September when doctors found injuries in the stomach area they thought suggested abuse.

The boy’s parents took the child from the hospital before doctors finished their evaluation.

Jeannette Funnen, 32, and Daemon Klingensmith, 23, were suspected of being on their way to Florida and were located in Marshall County, Tennessee, the West Mifflin Borough Police Department said.

Klingensmith and Funnen were taken into custody without incident and were slated to be extradited.

Ambrose was taken to a local hospital for an evaluation and was set to be given over to the Allegheny County Office of Children, Youth, and Families.

The Pennsylvania State Police had sent out an alert on Sept. 26. The missing endangered person advisory alerted the public that police officers were searching for Ambrose and included descriptions and a picture of his parents.

Jeannette Funnen, 32, and Daemon Klingensmith, 23, were arrested in Tennessee after taking their baby from a hospital in September. (West Mifflin Borough Police Department)

“Police believe Ambrose Klingensmith may be at special risk of harm or injury,” police said at the time.

The baby’s grandparents said they don’t think the boy was being abused by Funnen and Klingensmith.

“I think they have an idea in their head that the kids are going to be taken away from them, and they’re never going to see them again,” Kimberly Klingensmith, Klingensmith’s mother, told CBS last week.

“Bring the kids home let us take care of them. We’ll work through what you have to work through, so you can get your kids back. It’s a process, you’ve got to go through it,” Eric Klingensmith added in a message to his son.

They said the parents took their small child because “he was unable to go to the bathroom in the emergency room” and they were “massaging him to try and get the bowels to move.”

“There might have been a mistake made,” Ambrose’s grandfather added to WTAE. “There was definitely a bruise. I don’t believe the bruise happened because anybody was trying to hurt the baby. What we heard was the baby was in the hospital because it wasn’t going to the bathroom and that he was supposed to massage the stomach to try to help the bowel movement and I’m hoping something in there happened.”

The grandparents are attempting to take custody of Ambrose and Funnen’s 3-year-old son while the abuse case is resolved.

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