7 Ways to Make Your Home Welcoming

November 1, 2018 Updated: November 1, 2018

With holidays on the horizon, our focus tends to shift toward home. You may find yourself with more visits from family and friends during this time of year. If so, you’ll want to make them feel welcomed and comfortable when they visit.

No need to call your contractor. The simplest tweaks can make your home more inviting to others. Here are seven easy ways to do just that.

Clean and Declutter

First things first. If you do nothing else, now is a great time to get each room of your home in order. If it has been a while and if you have some overwhelming messes, break your tasks into smaller bites and tackle one at a time.

For example, if the guest bedroom has become the place where miscellaneous items land and accumulate, choose one small part of the room to clear out first, then another, and then another, until it’s tidy.

Not only will a clean and decluttered space make your guests feel good, but it will reduce your stress and anxiety, making you a better host.

Think About the Entryway

The first thing guests will do at your home will be, obviously, to enter it. Establish an unmissable place for guests to put coats and accessories upon arrival. They’ll feel less awkward and more comfortable immediately upon entering your home.

Prep the Bathroom

Make this room easy to locate in your home, perhaps with a special hanging on the door or knob. The room should be very clean, with everything in working order, from the plumbing fixtures to the lighting. Now’s the time to take care of any bathroom issues that have been on your list.

Additionally, offering enjoyable scents, a basket of toiletries, lovely linens, and a selection of reading materials are all special touches any guest would appreciate.

Create a Beverage Station

A beverage station at the ready for your guests’ arrival will make them feel welcome and comfortable. You can prepare items in advance by making sure your ice is always fresh and an ice bucket is clean and standing by. Stock your kitchen with a variety of beverage choices, including kid-friendly options if children are likely to be among your houseguests. Don’t forget drinkware—disposable and otherwise.

When guests do come by, it will take only a few minutes to set out your offerings and make your visitors feel welcome and appreciated.

Create Ambiance

Small touches can make a big difference when it comes to ambiance. Set up a few music playlists to have on hand as background. Place lovely candles in various locations around your home. If you have a fireplace, make sure it’s ready. Fresh flowers always breathe new life into a space.

Snacks, of Course

Grab a few extra snack options on your next trip to the grocery store and put them away as guest-only options. Make sure you’ve got some serving bowls or dishes on hand so that you can serve your guests at a moment’s notice.

Accommodate Longer Stays

Some guest will stay longer than an afternoon. Make sure you have fresh bed and bath linens and a guest space, even if it’s just a couch, available for overnight or longer stays. A guest room is made extra welcoming when stocked with water bottles, snacks, reading material, and extra toiletries.

Personalize Your Home

Your home tells a story and its details provide great context for your guests. Personal pictures, special keepsakes, and meaningful artwork not only enhance the look of your home but make for excellent conversation pieces. A personalized home can actually enhance your relationships with those you hold dear.


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