7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: March 2

March 2, 2014 Updated: March 2, 2014

Germany: 10 of our favorite German idioms

When it comes to German, legendary for its linguistic precision, there’s often little room for interpretation. But even German sometimes strays from its literal roots, leaving some of us scratching our heads.

Having pig
If you’ve won the lottery, aced an exam that you didn’t study for, or escaped being recruited for an unwanted task, lucky you! “Schwein gehabt!” You had a pig. …

Deutsche Welle


New Zealand: Whining and dining

Politician admits ‘over-reaction’ after demanding free bottle of wine.

An Auckland politician has admitted making threatening comments about getting a restaurant’s liquor licence pulled after being refused a free bottle of wine. …

New Zealand Herald


Belgium: Antwerp: entire streets closed in search of drug dealing illegals

The city of Antwerp is clamping down on illegals and in particular those who earn a living as drug dealers.

Antwerp police are planning operations that involve cordoning off entire streets to check everybody’s identity. …



India: MP woman sarpanch begging, cleaning toilets to make ends meet

Rajni Bansal, sarpanch [elected head of a village level statutory institution of local self-government called the panchayat] of the tribal-dominated Bachhama village … has been doubling as a safai karamchari to clean toilets in a local girls school, and a midwife to make some extra money. If things turn particularly rough – which is often – the 38-year-old woman is also seen begging around the hamlet. To add to her woes, she has not received her honorarium for months. …

In this era of much hyped women empowerment, the mother of five has no clue about the authority she wields as sarpanch. She has never even occupied the chair she was elected to. “It is not polite to sit on a chair before all these men,” she says by way of explanation. …

Times of India (Published July 17, 2013)


Siberia: Ancient bison allows scientists to travel back in time – 9,000 years

The autopsy, conducted on 27 February 2014, is understood to be the first in the world on a 9,000 bison, and it could provide vital scientific information.

The creature was found in exceptional condition in July 2011 by Yukagir community members in the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia, where mammoth remains were also found. This bison, dating from 9,000 years ago, was located on the shore of a lake in the north of Ust-Yana district. …

Siberian Times


Kenya: Mutula Kilonzo’s lions keep his legacy alive

When I walked into the compound last Thursday, it was peaceful and quiet, save for the chirping birds.

The last time I visited Kwa Kyelu Ranch was early last year when the farm owner, Senator Mutula Kilonzo, died. But this time, I was here to marvel at the former lawyer-politician’s lasting legacy — his wild animals.

I was eager to finally see his famed lions …

Daily Nation


Spain: Ancient beasts roam Spain’s wilderness

Farming has declined in Spain, leaving the countryside deserted, conservationists say. Now the wild things are coming back: wolves, vultures and rare herbivores. …

The Local

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