7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: March 25

March 25, 2014 Updated: March 25, 2014

Japan: Keeping tradition alive: Geisha to get subsidies for clothing

Young geisha starting out can easily splurge as much as 10 million yen (nearly $100,000) on exquisite kimono and accessories in their first year as a free agent. … (Read more)



Wales: Widower behind touching bus stop tribute reveals his heartbreak

A love letter and a bunch of flowers left by a heartbroken widower at a bus shelter was so touching that it moved commuters to tears.

And now the mystery man behind the bouquet has been revealed as Cardiff’s Franco Gorno, 86, who met his wife Joan at the Neath bus stop 64 years ago.

“Every month or so I go there and lay flowers because it is the place that I met her,” said Franco, a grandfather of four from Fairwater. “I do it because I know she is up there looking down at me.” … (Read more)

Wales Online


Ghana: Efya: The Golden Voice Of Africa

Born Jane Fara Fauzzier Afia Awindor, Efya has definitely sung her way into the hearts of music lovers the world over. A four-time Ghana Music Awards Best Female Vocalist, she is known for her ‘electric’ stage performances. Efya shares with ESSENTIALS her thoughts on African music.

Fans and critics of your music refer to you as the “Golden voice of Africa”. Tell us, how do you feel when such a title is added to your name?

I feel very blessed when I hear things like that. … (Read more)

Leadership via All Africa


Finland: Prize for discovering new heavenly halos

The Astronomical Association Ursa has awarded its Stella Arcti prize to nature photographer Antti Henriksson and amateur stargazer Marko Mikkilä for discovering two previously unknown forms of astronomical halos. … (Read more)



Uzbekistan: Have you been abroad? Write a statement clearly detailing your activities

Residents of Tashkent province wishing to exchange old passports for new ones containing biometric information are required to attend a police interview. … (Read more)

UZ News


Siberia: I like the things you love to hate

Hulking Soviet monuments sit cheek by jowl with confident new high rises. …

Overlooking Oktyabrskaya Street from the top floor of DoubleTree by Hilton hotel one can’t help marvelling that not a single city in Russia has changed so dramatically since the Soviet collapse as Novosibirsk while, at the same time, preserving so much of its heritage. Novosibirsk, which deserves it’s right to be called the (unofficial) capital of Siberia, is not trying to impress you. Just like any other capital, it actually couldn’t care less what you think. … (Read more)

Siberian Times


Belgium: General speed limit imposed on cyclists

The Flemish Cyclists’ Association (Wielerbond Vlaanderen) is concerned about a new speed limit that is coming into force next week.

Cyclists should respect a maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour (19 miles per hour) on smaller roads like in the countryside. … (Read more)