7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: March 1

March 1, 2014 Updated: March 1, 2014

Uzbekistan: As far as Uzbek state media is concerned, Ukraine does not exist

Official state media in Uzbekistan did not report on the mass popular protests in Kiev and elsewhere in the country or on the revolution that took place last weekend.

The Uzbek media, particularly in the regions outside of Tashkent, is trying to pretend that there is nothing going on in Ukraine and most of the media outlets in the country have strict management orders to not discuss the former Soviet country. …

Uz News

Uzbekistan is a former Soviet nation. It’s leadership remains highly authoritarian.

Epoch Times Photo

Uzbekistan, a land-locked nation south of Kazakhstan and north of Afghanistan. (Google Maps)


Malaysia: Curry powder robbers escape with RM300,000 [$90,000]

A group of robbers threw curry powder at a security guard and a cashier of a moneychanger’s outlet here before escaping with nearly RM300,000. …

The Star


Germany: Neo-Nazi Mole: Could the NSU Murders Have Been Prevented?

For years, Michael von Dolsperg provided German intelligence with information from the neo-Nazi scene. But when the NSU terror trio came to light, his file was shredded. Why? Could details he provided have prevented the murder spree? …

Der Spiegel


Canada: The 50 greatest Canadian albums of the ’90s

… There was a lot going on in Canadian music during that decade: homegrown bands were getting more airplay than ever before, thanks to the establishment of CRTC rules (which rose to 35 per cent Canadian content by the end of the decade); indie music rose to prominence; and Canadian female artists began topping the pop music charts worldwide. …



Japan: Engineers create ‘Muscle Suit’ for lifting heavy items

Engineers at the Tokyo University of Science and a private sector company have developed a “Muscle Suit” that will empower individuals who need assistance in lifting heavy objects. …



South Africa: Post office returns letter after 12 years

A woman received an undelivered letter she posted 12 years ago …

Deidre Allen was shocked to see a letter she posted in 2002 returned to her as undeliverable …

News 24


Bangladesh: The power of a song, the life of a maestro

The month of February is marked with the heroic tales of patriots laying down lives for our mother tongue in 1952. The month also has everyone singing the immortal song Amaar bhaiyer rokte rangano ekushey …

Altaf Mahmud, a born warrior, knew the power of music. His songs became part of the struggle of the people and the country. Like many artistes, intellectuals and nation builders, Altaf Mahmud was picked up by the Pakistani army in 1971. His body was never found.

Mahmud’s widow Sara and daughter Shawan share stories about the great man, whenever they get a chance to. …

The Daily Star