7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 26

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times
January 26, 2014 Updated: January 26, 2014

Iran: 7 children turn physicians in Iranian family

Out of 10 children of a villager, 7 have become physicians … and the remaining three are finishing high school. 

The family of Abdolreza Khanizadeh lives in Abdanan, in the east of Ilam Province, Iran. … Khanizadeh, whose place of residence and birth are the same, got to finish 5th grade and his only way of earning for more than 30 years has been animal husbandry and farming. …

Tehran Times


Italy: Young loan sharks arrested after charging 500%

Police say Genoa group drove people out of town with threats

Three young adults in their early 20s, described as living the high life with expensive cars, trips and nights on the town, were arrested Friday for loan-sharking.

The trio, ranging from 21 to 23 years old, charged interest rates as high as 500% on loans to businesses in Genoa struggling to survive in a severe recession, and threatened and harassed anyone too slow with repayments, police said. …



New Zealand: Unlucky end to Reese’s search for love

A lovestruck Wellington man has been spurned by a mystery American girl after sparking a global campaign to track her down.
Reese McKee, 25, met a young woman he knew only as Katie in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve in 2012. … 

After being catapulted by the NZ Herald, the campaign went viral, attracting the attention of international media, and Katie was found. However the Daily Mail revealed her eventual reply was “lukewarm”. …

New Zealand Herald


Wales: Thank ewe so much – rope team’s dramatic sheep rescue

A South Wales based RSPCA team whose officers abseil to the rescue of animals trapped on cliffs is the UK’s busiest

This Welsh ewe just got un-baa-lieveably lucky. Having become stuck on a 100ft-high cliff, she had the good fortune to by rescued by Britain’s most experienced animal rescue team. …

Wales Online


Uzbekistan: College diplomas only after employment is obtained

The Ministry of Education has decreed that colleges are allowed to bestow diplomas only to those students who can provide employment letters stating that permanent employment has been secured. …

Shamil Nurullaev is hoping to graduate from an art college in Tashkent this year.

“I’ve already called eight companies and public sector employers and none of them are willing to give me a job,” says the student. He assumes that he would have to buy such a letter stating employment in order to receive his college diploma. Many upper classmates of his are thinking along the same lines. …

Uz News


Malaysia: Are we doing enough to nurture more Zee Avis and Shila Amzahs?

Going global still a pipe dream

Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna Zarai was named one of 20-to-listen-to in 2014 by US-based online news site Huffington Post early this month, and it is difficult not to be proud. …

… there is much to be done if we want to see more Malaysian artistes reach global heights, says Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) chairman Norman Abdul Halim. …

The Star

Yuna Zarai (Irwandy Mazwir)


Latin America: Lynchings and mob justice is still common in several LatAm countries; Practice is rare today in Ecuador

Gravedigger Jesus Moreno could hardly have met a more pointless or brutal death.

As he carried out maintenance work in a cemetery in the Santa Cruz region of eastern Bolivia, five irate men visiting one of the tombs mistook the 54-year-old for a grave robber and decided to take justice into their own hands. …

Cuenca High Life


*Image of an Iranian shepherd via Shutterstock