7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Feb. 15

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times
February 15, 2014 Updated: February 15, 2014

Japan: Oldest signs of Japanese using tools uncovered in Okinawa

Archaeologists have unearthed shell tools around 20,000 years old that could help clear up mysteries surrounding the ancestors of modern Japanese people, a museum said Feb. 15. …



Chile: February in Santiago — a nation on vacation

Productivity plummets, transport prices skyrocket, beaches swarm and the country’s biggest metropolis empties as Chile takes the month off. …

Santiago Times


France: Declassified files expose lies of French nuclear tests

The radioactive spread from French nuclear tests in Algeria in the 1960s was much larger that the French army admitted at the time, stretching across all of West Africa and up to southern Europe, according to recently declassified documents.

The documents were released in 2013 following appeals from military veterans who say their current ill health is linked to exposure to dangerous levels of radiation. …

France 24


New Zealand: Hero driver saves truckie

School principal holds back State Highway 1 traffic, then leaps into cab, after diabetic blacks out at wheel

A school principal prevented a likely fatal accident by jumping into a 29-tonne truck veering across State Highway 1 after its driver had passed out at the wheel. …

New Zealand Herald


Canada: 1700 unfinished pairs of moccasins memorialize the missing and murdered

Walking With Our Sisters is ceremony, it is art, and it is a memorial. 

And so far, only half of the way into the first year of a seven year tour, it has already had a profound spiritual impact on many. That impact will continue to as the exhibition journeys across Canada and into the United States.

1724 pairs of vamps were submitted from around the world — each pair representative of a missing or murdered indigenous woman or girl in Canada. …



Wales: Neknominate: Watch man drink pint of alcoholic drink before jumping from cliffs into freezing sea

The clip is the latest in a swathe of videos being uploaded on to Facebook of people taking part in the Neknominate craze

This video is the latest in a string of those taking part in the Neknominate craze.

The man, 29-year-old Samuel Dyer, from Haverfordwest, pours a bottle of what looks like alcopop WKD into a glass.
He then takes a swig and, while still drinking, leaps from rocks into the freezing, choppy sea. …

One man from Cardiff is believed to have died after taking part in the craze. …

Wales Online


South Korea: Luxury refashioned

In the 1990s, the nation’s surging middle class wanted to show off its wealth and started indulging in foreign luxury brands. These were the years when Louis Vuitton’s Speedy tote earned the nickname “3-second bag” for being almost ubiquitous on Seoul streets.

“Unlike in other countries where ‘It Bags’ are enjoyed mostly within the fashion community, they became a national fever in Korea at the time,” said Lee Ji-hyun, a fashion magazine editor.

After two decades, Korean shoppers’ expensive tastes have made Korea one of the top 10 markets for luxury goods globally. The annual sales are believed to exceed 10 trillion won ($9.4 billion). …

Korea Herald