60 Million Chinese Choose a China Without Communism

October 14, 2009 Updated: October 14, 2009

On October 1st the Chinese communist party marked its 60th birthday with fireworks and a show of strength, as military vehicles rumbled down Beijing Streets. But military strength cannot control peoples hearts, as the number of people who have quit the party reaches 60 million.

In the last few years images of the Chinese military heading towards Tibet, or Xinjiang to silence protestors has appeared on TV screens in Ireland, but the current trend of millions of Chinese quitting the party can not be extinguished by the communist party with military force.

All the extensive tools of the communist government are effectively useless in controlling the waves of Chinese people who are quietly and peacefully choosing their future, one without communism.

A parade to celebrate this mass exodus from the CCP was organised in Dublin last weekend by Ms Li Ye, President of Irish Branch of the Global Service Centre for Quitting Chinese Communist Party.

Ms Ye got involved in the peaceful movement to encourage CCP members to quit the party because of her first hand experience with the party's policies. The CCP's birth control policy of one child per family forced her to hide her 2nd child with her parents in another city. Ms Ye wants to help stop this and other types of persecution carried out by the CCP. She believes that getting ordinary communist party members to quit the party will expedite the party’s demise.

Speaking at a post parade event outside the GPO on Dublin's O'Connell, Dr Declan Lyons, Consultant Psychiatrist, from Saint Patrick's Hospital told The Epoch Times that he was supporting the event because he wished to raise the awareness of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong in China. Through his involvement in Amnesty International he realised that Psychiatry was being used as an instrument of torture and suppression against Falun Gong practitioners.

“I have been trying to reclaim psychiatry as a noble profession” said Dr Lyons. “It [Psychiatry] is part of the apparatus of suppression that is being utilised by the Chinese Government against Falun Gong … so that's why I'm speaking out.”

With respect to the idea of encouraging CCP members to quit the party Mr Lyons said “I think it is a very effective way for people to express their protest … against this brutal state machine, that is crushing and grinding people.”

Art O'Malley a consultant in child and adolescent psychotherapy, who co-wrote “The labelling of dissent—politics and psychiatry behind the Great Wall” with Dr Lyons for the The Royal College of Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Bulletin, also attended the event.

Mr O'Malley was concerned about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Mr O'Malley told The Epoch Times that the aforementioned paper in The Psychiatric Bulletin raised awareness of how the CCP were persecuting Falun Gong by the use of anti-psychotic drugs and other medication in a bid to try and change their beliefs. “We felt that this was a very dangerous precedence and practice … what alarmed me was when you tried to raise awareness, you are almost ostracised by the Chinese government who control everything.”

Mr O'Malley was supporting the activity because he thought that it was important to increase peoples awareness of what was happening in china, “We are all connected ultimately, what happens in china will eventually affect us all.”

Patricia McKenna former MEP for Dublin was also in attendance on Saturday. Ms McKenna was especially critical of how human rights abuses in China during the Olympic games have gone unchallenged by the world community, “Everybody turned a blind eye to the human rights abuses at that time.”

Ms McKenna also pointed out that Irish citizens also had a part to play, “I think that everyone in Ireland has a duty to push our elected representatives to take up the issue of human rights abuses in China.”

In closing Ms McKenna said that she believed the day was coming when China would have to respect the rights of its citizens, the fact that so many people were leaving the party was a indication that that day was “coming sooner rather that later.”

Art student Dongxue Dai from Dun Laoghaire was backing the event because she believed it was raising the awareness of what the Chinese people really wanted. Ms Dai said that many people in China and abroad have now read the “The Nine Commentaries on the communist party” and they know the true nature of the party.

“In the bottom of Chinese people’s hearts they want their own traditions and culture back”, said Ms Dai.

Dongxue Dai's father kept the old traditions such as celebrating the New Year alive in their family when it was illegal to do so.

Mr Ming Zhao, a Chinese naional and now an Irish citizen living in Dublin was attending the rally to support the 60 million people who quit the CCP. Mr Zhao said that the people registering their wishes to quit the CCP on special websites were doing it out of their own will “a free expression of their true will, so it is quite different from those in the party,” added Mr Zhao.

He drew the parallel between what the Russian and Eastern European's did when they helped bring communism to an end in their countries.

“We think the CCP will be gone soon with this peaceful campaign progressing … people are more supportive now they know the truth.”