6 Stories That Could Make You Believe in Out-of-Body Experiences

February 15, 2014 Updated: June 28, 2015

Some people have tried testing out-of-body experiences to see if they’re real. Here are a few stories of people whose out-of-body experiences were witnessed by other people.

Some were not witnessed, but are interesting first-hand accounts nonetheless. 


1. A Man Outside the Window … On the Second Floor

Near-Death-Experience researchers Robert and Suzanne Mays told Epoch Times in 2011 about a man’s out-of-body experience that was verified by a witness.

The man was severely injured in a car accident on a foggy night. He later said he rose out of his body and flew over to a house, where he yelled for help outside a window on the second floor.

A man in the house heard him and called the police. The man who called the police said he saw a foggy figure of a man in the window.


2. Testing

A Reddit user shared this story: “[My friend] claimed he was able to leave his body during sleep and basically travel around in his spirit form. I took it with a grain of salt for obvious reasons, but I didn’t dismiss him right off the bat because I knew him pretty well and he wasn’t the type of kid that would try to troll me about these things.

“At the end of the night [of hanging out at my place], I told him ‘hey, why don’t you prove to me that you can really fly around as a spirit and come to my room tonight [traveling from his house to mine during sleep]?’

“I came up with the idea that I would write a note on a post it and he would have to guess what I wrote. He agreed.

Fast forward to the next morning. I get a call from him telling me that he had … read the note. … He got it right.

“This experience has really blown my mind. I know it would be hard for most of you to believe me, but this really happened and I am 100 percent positive that there was no way he could have seen what I had written on that post it.”


3. Dad?

This was shared by another Reddit user on the same thread: “I woke up out of bed in the middle of the night, I walked out into the living room and saw my dad slumped over and walking to the front door. I just stood there and watched and he walked outside and sat down on the sidewalk that went up to the front door. I watched him through the window for a second and he just sat there staring into a tree with no expression on his face. He looked really pale and almost blueish.

“I then walked down to my parents room and I woke up my mom and asked her why dad was sitting outside. Then I will never forget it, she said “What are you talking about? He’s right here,” and I looked over her, and my dad was laying asleep in bed.

“Still scares me to think about it.”


4. An Anti-Climactic, But Very Sober Look at an Out-of-Body Experience

This story was shared by Kjell Pettersson on Quora:

“It was very un-special.

“I was in bed and tried to get a moment’s rest when I found myself seeing the ceiling very close, as if I was floating just beneath it. I did not float for long though, for I found the experience a bit disconcerting and almost immediately returned to my body.

“Technically it could be explained away with that I must have fallen asleep but not noticed, and though that may be possible, I cannot say it matches my experience.

“The best thing it did for me was probably that I became less inclined to reject what people told me that seemed strange or impossible or did not match my worldview. In itself it was neutral and nothing I feel a need to repeat, even if I knew how to—which I don’t.”


5. On My Way to Med School, One Way or Another

Another case recounted by the Mayses was that of George Ritchie, M.D.

In 1943, when Ritchie was 20 years old, a soldier about to attend medical school, he died. He was pronounced dead on the night that he was supposed to catch a train leaving the army base in Texas to go to Virginia for medical school.

Ritchie later said he rose out of his body, though he didn’t realize it at first. He floated eastward, still trying to get to Virginia. He passed through a town and asked a man for directions. The man seemed to ignore him. Ritchie leaned on a pole and went right through it, at which point he realized what had happened.

He flew back to the hospital, where he saw an illuminated being who helped him return to his body. 

After his recovery, he drove eastward and found the town of Vicksburg, which looked exactly like the town he flew through and stopped in. He had seen blinking lights in a town he flew over along the way. The Mayses confirmed with a woman in one of the towns along what would have been Ritchie’s route, that there were four blinking lights in the area in 1943.


6. Entering Someone Else’s Body to Ask for Help

The last case we’ll look at is also from the Mayses’ files. A man tried to commit suicide by hanging himself, but he regretted it. He left his body, went into his wife’s body, and communicated with her about what he had done and told her that he needed help. She instantly took a knife and went directly to where her husband was and cut him down.


*Illustration of an out-of-body experience via Shutterstock