5 Best UFO Sightings This Month: March 2014 (+Videos +Photos)

March 28, 2014 Updated: April 10, 2014

1. Police and Multiple Observers Study Flashing Object in Sky in Australia

On March 13 on Chevron Island, Australia, Jack Purcell filmed an object in the sky for an extended period of time. He, his mother, and friends decided to call the police who arrived and also observed the object.

A police helicopter went to check it out. “The police chopper would fly near it, but then it would turn its lights off and disappear,” Purcell told News.com.au.

Australia UFO
An object spotted on Chevron Island, Australia, March 13, 2014. (Screenshot/Jack Purcell/YouTube)

“It was really strange. I was quite skeptical of these things, but it just blew my mind. … I have no idea what it was, but in my guess, I think it’s a UFO despite how crazy that might sound.”

A spokeswoman for Gold Coast Police told News.com.au it was likely a radio-controlled device, otherwise radars would have picked it up. Purcell said he’s sure it wasn’t a radio-controlled device. What do you think? (See video above)


2. Retired Chilean Air Force General Confirms Huge UFO

Chile UFO
An object spotted in the sky over Chile on March 18, 2014. (CEFAA)

Retired Chilean Air Force General Ricardo Bermúdez is the director of the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena. He said of a massive object spotted in the sky on March 18, according to local publication Notias Terra (as translated for Inexplicata): “After considerable research time, we reached a series of conclusions … [First, that this photograph is real and not a hoax; second, that the incidence of the light in these clouds is the same as that which falls upon the object; third, that it has its own light, and therefore a series of portholes are visible. This is according to our Ph.D in meteorology, and according to the clouds existing at the time during that season in the Cordillera, makes it twice the size of the National Stadium (in Chile).”

He further explained: “We receive over a thousand reports each year and 95 percent are anomalous phenomena that we can fully justify. We discard 2 percent from the remaining 5 per cent, leaving us with 3 percent to which no scientific answer can be found. This is being studied because it is real and occurring worldwide.”