3-Year-Old Girl Found Home Alone With Mother’s Dead Body

April 30, 2019 Updated: April 30, 2019

A 3-year-old girl was found home alone with her mother’s dead body at a house in Michigan.

The mother, 27, was not identified.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said that the aunt of the woman tried to contact her for a few days and when she still had no response she decided to check on her.

Deputies with the office and firefighters with the Waterford Regional Fire Department went to the house in Pontiac and found the woman dead with several empty aerosol cans of compressed air lying nearby.

There were no signs of trauma, reported Fox 2. The sheriff’s office said that the woman had a history of drug use. An autopsy was scheduled to determine the cause of death.

The girl was found in the house and taken to the McLaren-Oakland Hospital as a precautionary measure. She was slated to be released to the care of her great-grandfather.

The incident came about a week after police found a 3-year-old boy wandering in Pontiac around 3:40 a.m.

Deputies with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to N. Saginaw on April 24 when someone found the toddler and he didn’t know where he lived.

Deputies tried to find the boy’s parents but were not successful, reported the Oakland Press. The boy’s mother, 27, was eventually found at a house on Saginaw Street. She told officers that she checked on the boy at 3 a.m. and that he was in his room.

Child Protective Services launched an investigation.

3-Year-Old Girl and Infant Brother Survive Alone for Days

An infant and a toddler were alone for days next to their parents’ bodies after an apparent murder-suicide in California, police said.

The Los Angeles Police Department said that the father killed his wife before killing himself at a house in Chatsworth. The couple’s 3-month-old son and 4-year-old daughter were alone for “several days” next to the bodies of their parents, reported Fox 11.

The bodies were discovered on April 14.

Olivia Robinson, who lives nearby, told CBS LA that her husband entered the house and found the bodies.

“He grabbed the gun and he told me to come over, he gave me the little girl, she’s obviously traumatized,” said Robinson. Another neighbor, Tony Medina, said that he fed the girl and watched her until police arrived.

“She heard her mom crying, and then what really was kinda heart-wrenching was when she saw mommy was broken,” he said.

Robinson said that they found the girl downstairs.

She obviously was in bad condition because she reeked really bad of urine,” she told KTLA. “And she had more of a blank stare on her face. She was very, very quiet.”

She and her husband asked the girl where her parents were.

“I think she may have said they were sleeping, but she told me that they’re upstairs and they’re hurt,” James Robinson said. “Right there, we figured it’s just not good.”

Medina said that residents were talking to each other over a neighborhood watch application and thought that something might be wrong at the house.

Neighbors heard an argument at the house and heard loud blasts, he told the Los Angeles Daily News. Then, lights at the house stayed on for several days.

Police went to the house on Sunday to perform a welfare check but said they lacked probable cause to force their way inside. A real estate agent gave neighbors access to the house later that day.

The children survived the ordeal and were admitted to a local hospital. They suffered from dehydration, among other issues.

Medina said that the baby was “barely breathing” but that last he heard, the infant was in stable condition at the hospital.

Custody of the children was taken over by the Department of Children’s Family Services.

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