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3-Strikes Law: What Is It? Why Did California Try to Repeal It? | Michael Reynolds

With the reforms in the criminal justice system, there was a movement to bring a ballot initiative to remove the three-strikes law this year. However, the initiative did not collect enough signatures and will not be on the ballot.

Is California’s three-strikes law too harsh? Or is it necessary to have strict punishment for people who repeatedly commit violent crimes?

Also in California, it costs $106,000 per year for inmates to be in prison. When compared to college costs, this is more than double. But is there a higher cost to society by letting criminals commit crimes?

To understand the three-strikes law, I sat down with Michael Reynold, a private attorney. The murder of his sister started the three-strikes law initiative, and Reynold and his father drafted the law.

Reynold discusses how the three-strikes law works and the consequences of giving a second chance to the wrong person.

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