Truck Driver Stops a Carjacking Attempt

October 14, 2017 Updated: October 14, 2017

A local police station in Michigan posted a video of an attempted carjacking, which shows a truck driver coming to the rescue of a woman who had her car snatched while filling up at a gas station.

The carjacker approached a silver Chevrolet sedan from the back as a woman was fueling it at 2:09 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 12. The man jumps into the front seat and starts driving away, ripping the gas line off the station.

The female driver runs after the car as it pulls away and jumps into the front passenger seat. As the car pulls around the station, a second video shows the jacked car slowing down as a passing truck blocks its path.

A truck driver then runs up to the car and appears to briefly interact with the woman in the passenger seat. He is then seen running around the car quickly toward the driver’s side. Before the truck driver gets there, the carjacker opens the door and begins to get out. This is when the truck driver begins a struggle with the man, but the carjacker eventually escapes.

“The victim was unharmed and the suspect did not use a weapon,” the Allen Park Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Police were looking for information on the suspect and released still photos of the man later that day.


Some locals who saw the video were shocked by the content.

“Wow that’s scary,” Sandra Crimmins-Carter commented on Facebook. “I fill up at this gas station every time I come down to my mom’s.”

“Hats off to the gentleman who helped her. This is crazy,” Bryon Rocz commented on Facebook. “Poor woman is going to be terrified every time she gets gas.”

Others commended the truck driver’s actions.

“Kudos to the tanker driver!” wrote Leah Holben. “I really hope his employer sees this and gives him a bonus or a raise or something! That is a true man right there.”

“Thank you tanker driver!” wrote Colette M. Subjeck. “Good for you!”

A few people who saw the video advised others to always take their keys out of the ignition when pumping gas.

“Never, and I mean never, leave your keys in your car or the door unlocked when getting gas,” wrote Joan Brown. “Common sense can go a long way to save a life.”


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