2048 Game Addiction: People Have Already Played the Equivalent of 521 Years

March 27, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The 2048 game is notoriously addicting, and has already been played the equivalent of over 521 years.

The puzzle game was created by Italian programmer Gabriele Cirulli, who is just 19 years old.

“I hope I haven’t gotten anyone in trouble! It’s really hard to stop playing (it happens to me too sometimes), and sometimes this makes us forget about the more important things,” he told Softonic

Cirulli was asked if he is afraid that he’ll end up like the creator of Flappy Bird, stressed out and constantly barraged with feedback about the game.

“Although on a much smaller scale, I think I’ve already gone through that phase. During the first week, due to the game’s unexpected success, many people suggested that I should earn money through advertising or creating an app. This is not what I wanted to do, but I needed the two stressful days I had before making the decision not to monetize the game. Once I made the decision, I stopped feeling awkward,” he said.

He was then asked why he’s “anti-apps.”

“For two reasons. The first is ethical: I will not make money off of something that I didn’t invent – it would be unfair,” he said. “The second is technical: the game is open source, and this means that anyone can take the source code and publish it as an app. I don’t think this genre needs competition, that would only lead to market saturation. The original game is always available on Github, for free.”

The difficulty of the game is illustrated in that Cirulli himself still hasn’t beat it.

He said that the highest score he’s seen is 73,00 points while his record is 16,000.

Cirulli also said that he has no plans to make any more games for now.

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