2013 Infiniti QX56 4WD

And, a Trip Back in Time
By Durhl Caussey
Durhl Caussey
Durhl Caussey
September 1, 2013 Updated: September 1, 2013

Infiniti QX has a commanding presence. Words like luxury, bold, and progressive come to mind when attempting to describe the QX.

The interior is sophisticated with designated space for personal items like your remote control, mobile phone, and DVDs. Power 60/40-split folding and reclining third row seats add to this personal space. 

The thrust is locomotive powerful, providing 400 horsepower and 413 lb.-ft. torque from a 5.6-liter V-8 engine with VVEL and DIG (Direct Injection Gasoline), plus Infiniti All-Mode 4WD with computer controlled transfer case. The 7-speed automatic transmission is equipped with Adaptive Shift Control and a manual shift mode with Downshift Rev Matching. In addition, the transmission also has snow mode, tow mode, and hill assist. All this power and accessories can be experienced in a comfortable environment. 

EPA fuel economy is 14 mpg city and 20 mpg highway. My week of combined driving was 16 mpg. 

August is the hot month in Texas. But a good time for two old high school buddies to visit a favorite high school teacher. So my friend Bob and I headed out from Dallas to visit Mr. Young who lived in Abilene, Texas. The last time we had seen him was 1965.

Even before Bob got in the car for the 2 1/2 hour trip, he wanted to know all about the QX, especially the 20-inch 7-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels and the technology. I told him the tires were 275/60/R20 all-season, and the QX had automatic self-leveling rear suspension and integrated class IV tow hitch with 7-pin wiring harness with cover (towing capacity 8,500 lbs maximum).

Infiniti offers a tire and wheel package that has 22-inch 9-spoke forged aluminum alloy wheels with all-season tires. This package can add an additional $2,450 to the vehicle base price of $63,750.

When Bob got in, he commented how comfortable the car was and remarked how spacious the 2nd and 3rd row seats looked. 

During the drive I explained the audio system. The Bose 13-speaker Premium Audio System includes two sub woofers, AM/FM radio, and in-dash CD/DVD player with MP3 playback capacity, Radio Data System, and speed sensitive volume control. 

Bob quickly mastered the Navigation System, and set our course. He placed SiriusXM satellite radio on the 60s channel. We settled in to sounds of The Mamas & the Papas punctuated by regaling of past adventures from high school. Since Bob still lives near our hometown of Seymour, Texas, he knew where most of our classmates lived and what they were doing. 

Ever patient, Bob turned down the sound as I explained and displayed features like Intelligent Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Departure Prevention, and got a review on Blind Spot Intervention and Distance Control Assist. 

Bob was kind to listen about all the great technology, but I could tell by his responses and questions that he was already well versed in those features. But what else is to be expected from someone who was the smartest guy in the class. 

We picked up the Youngs and headed to a local steak restaurant. I had intended to explain the features on the Theatre Package with dual 7-inch color monitors, two wireless headphones, and wireless remote control, but changed my mind.

Instead, we visited old times. One-act-plays, the debate team, and love of American History were just some of the topics for discussion.

Mr. Young hasn’t changed much. Older, somewhat smaller, but still the most knowledgeable and remarkable man I have ever known. His own quick wit made him a perfect candidate for laughter, and his wife’s kind input made the experience all the richer. There was little time for topics like the tire pressure monitoring or the Infiniti Advanced Air Bag System.

This adventure Bob and I shared was more than just driving a quality car. It was an opportunity for two old men’s fellowship, and to remember the past and renew our friendship. But more importantly a time to tell a high school teacher how important he had been in our lives, and how much better we were for knowing him. 

As the Youngs waved goodbye, being the ever clever and astute teacher he was, Mr. Young must have thought, “Caussey you were a marginal student at best, but you sure drive a fine car.”

Durhl Caussey writes a car column read around the world. He may be reached at this paper or dcaussey@sbcglobal.net.