2 Abused Dogs Form Unbreakable Bond at Shelter–So They Find a Human Family to Adopt Both Together

September 6, 2019 Updated: September 11, 2019

In the corner of a kennel sits a dog that is so skinny that the word “emaciated” fails to describe how thin it is. Every single rib of its rib cage is visible, protruding from its skin in a way that is difficult to look at. There doesn’t seem to be a single spare inch of flesh on its entire body.

It crouches in the corner, tail between its legs, ears folded back, as it looks pitifully toward the person behind the camera. In the other corner cowers another dog, which is also clearly underfed and trying to avoid eye contact with the person taking the video. Neither dog has ever known anything but neglect and mistreatment from humans.

From the video, it appears that the two dogs only have each other in the world. But all of that was about to change thanks to the staffers taking the video who work for Second Chance Rescue Dogs in New York.

Urgent 911 🚨🚨 We just received this heartbreaking video of two dogs who are in desperate need of help. Dexter and Rita were found on someone's property, probably dumped together. As you can see, Dexter is just a walking skeleton, you can see every bone in his emaciated body. Rita, his friend wouldn't leave his side, and she is very scared, about what the future holds for her and her buddy. How could someone intentionally starve a dog to this degree? This is absolutely heartbreaking. The pair have been picked up by animal control, and are now in a loud overcrowded municipal shelter. Dexter is in need of medical attention, as he is barely able to stand in his condition. Rita is also skinny, but in a bit better shape than Dexter. We really are desperate to pull this pair to safety, and get them to our vet for urgent care. This is a big undertaking, and we can not do this without your support. We also would never leave anyone behind, but taking on two dogs is very costly. Please consider assisting us in the fight to save Dexter and Rita!! No amount is too small, every $1 helps Go to www.nycsecondchancerescue.org/donate Or by mailPO Box 570701 Whitestone NY 11357

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Second Chance volunteers had seen pictures of the dogs, which were sharing a kennel in Georgia shelter. The organization knew they needed to get some serious medical attention if they were going to survive. As they wrote on their Facebook page, when the dogs, named Rita and Dexter, arrived at the vet, the volunteers “were horrified at their condition but yet shocked at how friendly and loving they both were despite their obvious neglect.”

The people at Second Chance were now looking for someone who would offer these two orphans something they had probably never had: a loving home. They found their match in Ian and Kari Ceicys, a couple living in St. Louis, Missouri. The Ceicys had just lost their beloved dog Sadie to a fatal tumor. “We were left with a house built for a dog, no dog, and huge holes in our hearts,” Kari Ceicys explained to The Dodo.

Hey everyone, we wanted to give you and update on Dexter and Rita and in the same breath thank you for saving their…

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Seeing pictures of Rita and Dexter on Facebook, the Ceicyses knew they had to do something for these sad, starving dogs. While Sadie couldn’t be there to welcome them, it was a way to let her memory live on, as she, too, had been abused and abandoned in New Orleans before they adopted her.

As for Second Chance, they were thrilled to find people who had a home and family built around dogs who understood the importance of keeping the two friends together. “Yesterday, Dexter and Rita left the vet and are in a HOME!” the rescue posted. “Yes, BOTH of them TOGETHER! Can you believe it? Their new Mom and Dad saw their pics and immediately applied to adopt them.”

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The Ceicyses told The Dodo that they almost felt that Sadie had been directing them to these rescues in need. “We knew these dogs were ours and we needed to step up and take them in,” they shared. “There was no way we were allowing them to be separated after they had been through so much.”

Once Rita and Dexter arrived at their forever home, they began the road to recovery. “They love snuggles on the couch, walks around the neighborhood, and we recently found out Dex is a fan of balls,” Kari Ceicys told The Dodo, explaining that the moment he got one, “his entire personality changed and his whole body wiggled.”

While Rita and Dexter started out life without the love and affection they deserved, they literally got a “second chance” at life with Ian and Kari Ceicys and are making the most of it.

However, Rita and Dexter are just two of the 3.3 million dogs that enter U.S. shelters every year according to the American Society for the Protection of Animals. Here’s hoping that many more will finally get their happy ending.