2.9 Million CCP Virus (coronavirus) Cases In China?UK Warns China Exploiting the Crisis

April 16, 2020 Updated: April 16, 2020

A report from AEI placed the estimated virus cases in China at 2.9 million, which far exceeds claims from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The report describes the criteria used to arrive at the assessment, and notes it rounds down on each point—meaning the likely cases could still be higher.

The CCP has also been taking advantage of the pandemic for “mask diplomacy,” information campaigns, and to launch business takeovers as markets struggle. A senior British lawmaker has called out the regime for its actions, and warns the government has been seeing actions by the CCP and state-owned companies to exploit global conditions caused by the virus.

And The Epoch Times interviewed the mother in a family of four who left Wuhan for the United States in February, and told her account of the situation on the ground—claiming the situation was much worse than the world was being told.

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