All 13 Aboard Helicopter Presumed Dead After Crash Near Norwegian City of Bergen

By Andrew Simontacchi, Epoch Times
April 29, 2016 Updated: April 30, 2016

UPDATE: According to a Bloomberg report, all 13 people aboard the Bergen-bound aircraft are presumed dead. The search for 2 missing people was called off at 5 p.m. local time and Boerge Galta of the Joint Rescue Coordination Center says “we do not believe anyone can be found alive,” according to AP.

A small helicopter crashed on April 29, near the city of Bergen, Norway; leaving 11 people dead and 2 missing. It was carrying 11 passengers and 2 pilots.

Officials believe the missing people may be out at sea, as parts of the helicopter were spotted floating after it went down on the island Turoey. The chopper was traveling from a North Sea offshore oil platform.

 The aircraft was reported to have exploded and was emitting black smoke; a police spokesman said the helicopter was “totally smashed.”

“It is a very small island and [helicopter] parts are spread partly on land, partly in the sea,” Jon Sjursoe of Norway’s Joint Rescue Coordination Center told AP.

Statoil ASA, a Norwegian oil and gas company, said it had “mobilized its emergency response team,” later adding it had “temporarily grounded all equivalent traffic helicopters.”

Norwegian Prime Minister’s Tweet Translation: “Horrific messages about the helicopter, I’ve been staying informed on the rescue.”

The Norwegian Aviation Authority has banned all Airbus Helicopters EC225LP from flying, according to AP.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.