10-Year-Old Girl Writes ‘Detailed Report’ for Vet After Rescuing Injured Baby Pigeon

April 5, 2019 Updated: April 10, 2019

Some children never fail to surprise us with their caring actions toward animals, like one little girl in Minnesota who knew she couldn’t leave an injured pigeon alone.

On Sept. 19, 2018, Hannah and her friend were playing outside when they saw an injured baby pigeon. The bird had fallen off the rafters of a shed and hurt one of its delicate little legs. Seeing the bird all alone, 10-year-old Hannah picked it up and carried the bird inside the house to show her mom, Christine Giersdorf. Hannah wanted her mom to seek medical help for the pigeon.

“The little guy was hurt and my daughter made me promise to bring him to the vet,” Giersdorf told The Dodo.

Posted by Wildwoods on Monday, October 1, 2018

Before taking the pigeon to the vet the next day, Hannah gave the pigeon a bath.

After being dropped off at a vet, the bird was soon transferred to Wildwoods Rehab, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation organization in Duluth that helps care for sick, injured, and orphaned animals.

Once the pigeon reached the rehab center, staff spotted a note handwritten by Hannah. The note detailed how the bird was found and what Hannah did to help the poor little thing.

“The note accompanying our new patient was the best ever,” Wildwoods wrote on their Facebook page. “It made our day that this young person cared enough to seek help for him, and also wrote a detailed report!”

Posted by Wildwoods on Monday, October 1, 2018

Hannah wrote that she and her friend were playing when they found a baby pigeon “with a broken leg.” They tried giving some worms to it, but the bird didn’t want to eat. It did, however, drink water from a water bottle cap. The little girl concluded the note asking for someone to help the bird.

“Please try to fix him up and … call my mom when you are done,” Hannah wrote.

“He had a fracture of the tibia of the left leg,” said Tara Smith, a staff member at Wildwoods Rehab. “The fracture is now completely healed. He has a tiny limp on that side, but gets around great.”

After a week of tender care from the rehab staff, the pigeon was able to walk again, and Smith didn’t forget to inform Hannah of the bird’s recovery.

“I sent the young girl’s mom a text with a photo after his splint came off,” Smith said. “She was thrilled!”

The baby pigeon is extremely fortunate to have met a sweet little girl like Hannah!