10 Things People With the Alpha Personality Do, but They May Not Even Realize It

July 13, 2019 Updated: July 14, 2019

Alphas rule the roost, or so they say. If you already know you’re an alpha, then you’ve probably become used to people looking up to you as a leader.

Sometimes, alphas get a bad rap; people can assume that you are bossy, competitive, and hard to get along with. But that’s not necessarily the case. These 10 behavioral characteristics are things that a lot of alphas exhibit; you may not know you’re doing them, but they represent a pretty awesome side of your personality.

Read these 10 traits, with thanks to Curious Mind and Hack Spirit for inspiration. See how many you identify with, and embrace your alpha!

1. You’re a doer, not a thinker

Illustration – Shutterstock | baranq

You firmly believe that words pale in comparison to actions. You don’t overanalyze messages, voicemail, or passing comments, and you’d rather strap on a pair of running shoes than talk about fitness regimes any day.

You are occasionally prone to zoning out during long conversations but are excellent at picking up on non-verbal cues and body language.

2. You’re a huge fan of getting straight to the point

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If you’re an alpha, then the likelihood is that you know what you want. You abhor vagueness and try to speak in a way that leaves no space for misinterpretation.

You’re not a big fan of lying, either. Lying serves no purpose in your eyes, and it goes against your values. People know where they stand with you!

3. You value friendship quality over quantity

Illustration – Shutterstock | Antonio Guillem

Who needs a hundred “friends” if nobody shows up when you’re sick or need help moving house? You prize a few close buddies over a whirlwind of acquaintances.

You are excellent at disengaging if a relationship turns toxic. Who’s got time for that? You have your trusted tribe, and they give you everything you need.

4. “Fear of missing out?” What’s that?

Illustration – Unsplash | Humphrey Muleba

You’re not addicted to social media and you only get involved in the things you really care about on a personal level. Skipping a party, brunch, or even a holiday if it’s not something you’re into doesn’t faze you at all.

If, on the other hand, you are genuinely interested in something, then you will be the first to put your name down. On these occasions, your enthusiasm is contagious!

5. You are as good as your word

Illustration – Shutterstock | fizkes

Alpha personalities are pretty consistent. If you love something, you will say so. If you sniff out a potential problem, you’ll also say so, making you a pretty reliable friend and co-worker.

Alphas show up when they say they will, and they expect the same from others.

6. You value your alone time

Illustration – Shutterstock | Song_about_summer

You can handle things alone, and you also value recreational alone time. You have everything you need in a comfy chair, a set of headphones or a good book, and a great people-watching vantage point.

Alphas are also pretty good at working alone. They will only partner up if the other person is bringing something valuable to the table.

7. You’re impervious to peer pressure

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If you’re an alpha, then it’s unlikely that you crave approval. You’ll only use social media for things that truly pique your interest; it’s not for the “likes.”

You tend to draw a line between your own personal life and the personal lives of others. You might have a quirky sartorial style or like different art, movies, and music to your friends. Alphas wear their individuality as a badge of pride.

8. Nobody can stop you from doing what you love

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One way in which alphas conform to stereotype is that they are often pretty ambitious. If you are an alpha, then you will commit a lot of time and energy into pursuing your goals.

Doing things you don’t want to do (unless necessary) is seen as a huge waste of your time. Life’s too short!

9. You’d rather stay single than be with the wrong person

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Single life doesn’t scare you. You’ll happily wait for a person with whom you fit: someone who engages and challenges you, and encourages you to be your best self.

You don’t need, you want; that can sometimes provide the very best chemistry.

10. You march to the beat of your own drum

Illustration – Shutterstock | Aila Images

Alphas don’t measure their lives by anybody else’s standards. You understand that you can’t make everybody happy, so you just get on with life the way that makes you happy, rather than waiting by the sidelines for the perfect set of circumstances.

You have a strong moral compass and will always treat others the way you expect them to treat you.

If you identified with more than half of these traits, then you’re alpha and you know it! Quiz your friends; how many other alphas do you know?