10 Cool Tips That Will Help You Type Faster on Your iPhone

By Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
May 7, 2015 Updated: May 7, 2015

Using the virtual keyboard on the iPhone for texting or email can be an easy task for most people who are accustomed to Apple’s virtual keyboard.

However, no matter how iOS savvy you think you are, you might not be familiar with all the hidden iOS 8 texting tricks. Business Insider has put together a quick video that details no fewer than 10 such hidden features that might significantly improve your iPhone texting game.

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You might know some of them, including using quick type suggestions, double tapping the space bar to insert a period at the end of a sentence, inserting web domains in Safari by holding down the period button, shaking to undo typing or creating keyboard shortcuts.

Other tricks aren’t as obvious. For example, you can quickly include numbers and symbols in texts by touching and holding the 123 key and then sliding to the number or symbol you want to insert. Once that’s done the keyboard jumps back to letters so you can continue your message.

Double tapping the shift key enables caps lock, and long pressing a character or symbol brings up a row of additional keys that lets you insert either letters with accent marks or special characters.

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And if you own an iPhone 6 Plus, holding the device in landscape mode further expands the keyboard, adding more options that aren’t included on the iPhone 6.

See Business Insider’s full video here.

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Chris Smith