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1 Million Deaths This Winter ‘Quite Possible’: Expert

Hospitals are overflowing in China. Video shows patients outside the emergency room, in hallways, on stair landings, and even outside restrooms.

Corpses on the ground, long service wait times, and obscuring cause of death—a father shares what he saw inside a Chinese crematory.

China’s COVID-19 death toll is coming under scrutiny. One doctor’s account may shed light on why.

An energy shortage is hitting China amid freezing winter temperatures, with gas and heating being suspended at times.

A Chinese state-owned company is striking a deal with the Taliban to extract oil from an Afghan field.

Topics in this episode:

  1. One Million Deaths This Winter ‘Quite Possible’: Expert
  2. Video Highlights Overcrowded Hospital in Beijing
  3. China: Passenger Traffic to Double for Lunar New Year
  4. Father: COVID-19 Claimed My 27 Year Old Son’s Life
  5. Reports: Chinese Doctors Asked to Avoid Listing COVID-19 as Cause of Death
  6. Q&A: Why China’s ‘White Lung’ Phenomenon Is Unique
  7. 18 Nations Restrict Travel as Virus-Hit China Reopens
  8. Energy Shortage Hits Northern China Amid Winter Temps
  9. Taliban to Strike Oil Deal with Chinese Company
  10. Tesla Slashes Prices in China as Sales Stumble
  11. U.S. Warship Sails Through Taiwan Strait
  12. Southeast Asia Eyes Return of Chinese Tourists
  13. Newsham Talks Nuclear Weapons on the Korean Peninsula
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